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 The Yellow Jackets, a social movement in France, organized demonstrations on January 7, 2023 to protest against inflation and pension reform. According to various sources, about 4,700 people mobilized across France, with 2,000 in Paris. The demands of the Yellow Vests include retirement at 60 years old, the establishment of a minimum pension of 1,200 € and the end of the points-based pension system. They also advocate for the end of posted worker on French territory and ban of relocations to protect local jobs. Some sources indicate that the movement is hostile towards traditional media, particularly BFM TV.

The Yellow Jackets movement is a loosely structured and sporadic protest movement that emerged in France in October 2018. It is often described as an unofficial, leaderless popular movement, which was organized through social media groups. The demands of the Yellow Vests began with the increase in automobile fuel prices, but have also expanded to include issues such as wages, inheritance rights and the prohibition of relocating industries. The Yellow Vests also describe a feeling of downgrading and economic and social disillusionment.

Gilets Jaunes, An I : la rédemption de l’esprit révolutionnaire français

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